Kicking The Can Down The Road/Long Finger Thinking

Kicking the can down the road or putting important to do items on the long finger are a big part of the financial problems people run in to when those problems come knocking.  Some definitions of both are.


To avoid or delay dealing with a problem.

To postpone dealing with something in the hope that it becomes someone else’s problem.

Fear of dealing with the unknown.

Putting off work on an issue until a later date.

To delay or postpone something indefinitely or for a long time.



To be fair we are all guilty of some form of it in life whether it be doing household chores or errands or making sure all bills are paid on time.  When finally, you get around to addressing the tasks the satisfaction you get from it when it is completed is quite noticeable.  They say half the battle is actually starting the task and the task itself is not as hard as actually starting it in the first place.


The same applies when it comes to your financial planning.  Having the correct protection in place including income protection/continuance and life insurance and satisfactory pensions or retirement savings in place for when the time comes that you need them is critical to maintain the standard of living that you are used to all the way to mortality.  I have come across cases in both instances were the correct plans have been in place and were there have been not.  Unfortunately, where they were not in place the individual looking for advice realised it was too late.


Remember 50% of the battle is actually picking up the phone or sending and email or text and saying you need advice. Don’t be that person who keeps kicking the can down the road or putting important items on the long finger.


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